We offer two ways to shop our auctions!

In addition to our brick & mortar and website, we offer our customers the chance to pay the price they want with our unique auctions. Our auctions occur in Facebook albums and Facebook LIVE sale.

Facebook Album Auction

Every day an online album auction is loaded at 11AM EST. This auction runs for twenty fours hours and ends at 11AM EST the following day. These albums can be found on our Facebook page under "Photos".

Facebook LIVE Auction

This is where the fun happens!! Every Monday at 6PM EST we go live with new pieces that arrived that week! Items are shown and a starting bid is given. Customers then have forty five seconds to bid on the item. The highest bidder wins the item! Join our exclusive LIVE group to be a part of the fun! 

What kind of items are in the auctions?

In our brick & mortar store, we offer boutique items and consignment. All of our auctions contain the new arrivals of our consignment. 

What happens if I win an item?

Congratulations! You won the item you were bidding on!! We offer two ways of getting your winning item. You can pick up in store or we an ship your item to you. For shipping, we just need your email to send your invoice. Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99 and once your invoice is paid we ship same day!! 

How long do I have to pick up?

We have auctions every day and sometimes a bonus one here and there! So, our shelves get full fast. We offer seven business days to pick up your item before it is put back on the floor. This ensures you get your items in a timely manner and keeps our shelves from filling up! If you need more time just let us know and we'd be happy to extend your pick up time.